Big 6 Zones Lead-free Reflow Soldering Machine W-6600-LF-C

Short Description:

Hot air no-contact output supported by imported large current solid-state relay ,safe and reliable ,meanwhile equipped with special SSR radiator,greatly improve the cooling efficiency,enjoy loner lifetime of the machine.

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1.Competitive price for quality .

2. More than 10 years manufacturing experience .

3.One of the Leader of Smt machine manufacurers in China.


•  Hot air no-contact output supported by imported large current solid-state relay ,safe and reliable ,meanwhile equipped with special SSR radiator,greatly improve the cooling efficiency,enjoy loner lifetime of the machine.

•  Heating devices used high quality imponents,ensure the whole system goes smoothly .

•  Combined with temperature controller PID fuzzy control function,has been monitoring the change of the ambient temperature and heat value ,with the minimum pulse control heating device , fast response, guarantee the temperature control precision ,minimize temperature distribution differences inside the oven ,the length direction of the temperature distribution accords to IPC STANDARDS . 

•  The unique advanced long life designed heating system. Heating zone Module design ,convenient for maintenance .

•  Sound and Light alarm when the temperature beyond the limit, with error analysis function .

•  With small hot air cycle system design ,up and down heating ,good thermal compersation ,perfect hot source efficiency ,warm-up fast ,suitable for BGA ,CSP and 0201 ect ,components solder welding .Unique forced hot air cycle structure ,make components on PCB heated evenly .

•  Winding system adopts advanced wind air channel, working uniformly ,with high hot source exchange .

•  Pre-heating zone, welding zone, cooling zone, cooling zone, up and down heating separately ,independent cycle and temperature control ,adjacent/beside zone temperature difference maximum value can reach 100 ℃. No temperature exchange between zones, each zone temperature and wind speed can be adjusted.

•  Imported high temperature resistant motor straightly drive the hot air recycle, good heating balance, run smoothly,long life time, low noise, shock less .

•  Zones power match properly, warm-up fast, from room temperature to working temperature need 20 minutes, with hot source compensation functions.

•  1Independent cooling zone ,ensure the low temperature when PCB come out .

•  Transmission system adopts Japanese Frequency Motor,combined with 1:150 imported turbine reducer, running stably, the speed at 0-1500mm/min is adjustable. 

•  Standing supported by independent wheels, with special stainless steel mesh belt,durable wearing resistant, especially for BGA, CSP and 0201 welding .

•  Rail + mesh belt transmission optional .



Model No.


Heating Parts Parameters

Number of Heating Zones

Up 6 + Bottom 6

 Length of Heating Zones


Heating Pattern

Full Hot Air

(up and down in a small cycle)

Number of Cooling Zones

Plasma fan air-cooled plus two-stage liner cooling (length 800MM)

Conveyor Parts Parameters

 Max.Width Of PCB

Mesh Belt 600mm, Track 400mm

Conveyor Direction


Conveyor Height


Transmission Agent

Mesh + Chain

Conveyor Speed Range


Control Parts Parameters

Power Supply

5 Wire, 3 Phase, 380V

Start Power


Power Consumption

Approx 6-8KW

 Warming Time

Approx 20 mins

 Temp. Setting Range

Room Temp.- 380℃

Temperature Control Method


Temperature Difference Between Adjacent Zone

70 ℃, can correspond to the highest standards of lead-free process.

Temperature Control Precision


Temperature Deviation on PCB


Abnormal Alarm 

Temperature abnormal(too high or too low after the constant temperature keeping)

Power-off Protection


Open Way

Electric Screw Rod

General Parameters





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