Big-sized 8 Zones Lead-free Smt Reflow Soldering Oven W-8800-LF-C

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Full three-layer rectified high-temperature copper plate full-cycle hot air system and turbo-charged multi-point jet technology to ensure uniform temperature in the furnace, good anisotropy in each temperature zone

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1. Heating System

•  Full three-layer rectified high-temperature copper plate full-cycle hot air system and turbo-charged multi-point jet technology to ensure uniform temperature in the furnace, good anisotropy in each temperature zone, and the board surface does not generate heated empty areas due to refraction when it is heated, and does not produce shadows.

•  Fundamentally improves heating efficiency. Fast and efficient thermal compensation performance, especially suitable for perfect welding of components such as computer motherboards and mobile phone boards, such as BGA, CSP, QFP and multilayer circuit boards. There is no temperature series in each adjacent temperature zone.

•  Upper and lower independent heating module, independent hot air circulation, double welding zone or triple welding zone.

•  Each temperature zone adopts modular design, high temperature resistant long shaft hot air motor and high energy nickel chromium heating wire are easy to maintain and repair.

2. Transportation System

•  Symmetrical double-groove guide rail, high temperature resistance without deformation, low thermal inertia. The standard chain and mesh are transported at the same speed and parallel speed, and a dual-rail transportation system or a central support system is available.

•  The width adjustment adopts a four-rack coaxial width adjustment structure, which effectively guarantees the parallel guide rails, prevents the occurrence of falling boards and stuck boards, no-clean and easy adjustment. The widening operation can be performed automatically and manually.

•  Computer-controlled automatic refueling system, which can refuel automatically according to the transportation speed and machine status, and the flow can be adjusted.

•  The automatic width adjustment system adopts closed-loop PID control, which can be automatically adjusted to the required width according to the parameters entered by the computer, with an accuracy of 0.2mm.

3. Cooling and Soldering Flux Recovery System

•  The forced cooling system adopts two or three sections of forced air cooling temperature zone to meet the lead-free process; the cooling curve is smooth, no sudden change, full heat exchange, and the maximum cooling rate can reach -5 ℃ / S.

•  Zone 4-8 has an independent flux collection system, which can keep the furnace clean for a long time and the exhaust emissions are more environmentally friendly. The gas separated by the nitrogen furnace can be recycled to save nitrogen.

•  No filter design, easy to clean.

4. Nitrogen System (OPTIONAL)

•  Fully sealed nitrogen protection system, low N2 consumption. When the nitrogen consumption is 15-20 m3, the welding zone can reach an oxygen concentration below 500PPM.

•  The internal circulation cooling system ensures that nitrogen can be filtered and reused, further reducing the nitrogen consumption.

•  Panel design of nitrogen flow control and oxygen analysis system, easy to observe and adjust.

5. Control System

•  The control system uses Mitsubishi PLC, the upper computer uses Lenovo computer, with Windows XP operating system and 17-inch LCD display, which is stable and reliable.

•  The control software is powerful, with flexible process parameter control and temperature curve test functions. The Chinese and English operation interface can be switched at any time.

•  Using WOGO terminals; all electrical components are imported brands, and all signal lines are  shielding processing.

•  Self-tuning of temperature module, automatic compensation of cold junction, temperature control within ± 1 ℃.


Model No.


Heating Parts Parameters

Number of Heating Zones

Up 8 + Bottom 8

 Length of Heating Zones


Heating Pattern

Full Hot Air

(up and down in a small cycle)

Number of Cooling Zones

Plasma fan air-cooled plus two-stage liner cooling (length 800MM)

Conveyor Parts Parameters

 Max.Width Of PCB

Mesh Belt 600mm, Track 400mm

Conveyor Direction


Conveyor Height


Transmission Agent

Mesh + Chain

Conveyor Speed Range


Control Parts Parameters

Power Supply

5 Wire, 3 Phase, 380V

Start Power


Power Consumption

Approx 8-10KW

 Warming Time

Approx 20 mins

 Temp. Setting Range

Room Temp.- 380℃

Temperature Control Method


Temperature Difference Between Adjacent Zone

70 ℃, can correspond to the highest standards of lead-free process.

Temperature Control Precision


Temperature Deviation on PCB


Abnormal Alarm 

Temperature abnormal(too high or too low after the constant temperature keeping)

Power-off Protection


Open Way

Electric Screw Rod

General Parameters






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