Top Lead-Free Double-Wave Computer-Controlled Soldering System W-350DS-LF-C Wave Soldering Mach

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Streamline design and internal modular design, suitable for lead-free soldering of SMT and DIP components.

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♦ Streamline design and internal modular design, suitable for lead-free soldering of SMT and DIP components.

♦ The spraying system uses a centrifugal fan to extract air to prevent the soldering flux from dripping onto the PCB.

♦ Soldering flux buffer tank sensor is external, more reliable and durable.

♦ Standard cold air knife to prevent soldering flux mist from spreading out and reduce pollution.

♦ Dual wave control uses stepless frequency conversion technology, which can independently control the wave height.

♦ 1 / 4HP high power wave motor, the maximum wave height can reach 15mm.

² With over-temperature sound and light alarm and emergency braking system, all motors have overload protection.

♦ The transportation system adopts stepless electronic adjustment and closed-loop control, and the speed is stable and accurate.

♦ The inlet end is equipped with a pressure assist device to prevent the PCB from slipping when entering.

♦ The track angle is manually adjusted for easy operation.

♦ The auxiliary nozzle is driven by a stepping motor to ensure uniform coating of the soldering flux.

♦ The modular design of the spray system, the spray head is always vertical track, to ensure that the flux penetrates the PCB well.

♦ The preheating zone is heated by three sections of motors with full hot air, high temperature throughout, glass protection, and stable temperature.

♦ The preheating system adopts PID control, and the temperature curve is stable, which can easily find the best settings for various lead-free processes.


Model No.


Transportation System

PCB Width

Max. 350mm

PCB Conveyor Height


PCB Conveyor Speed


PCB Conveyor Direction

LRRL option

Spraying System

 Spraying Way

Stepper Motor & ST-6 nozzle

Flux storage tank 

Max. 5.2L

Preheating System

Preheating Length 


Preheating Zone

3 zones of hot air, independent control

Preheating Temperatures

Max. 220

Preheating Power


 Soldering System

Applicable Solder Type


Melting Tin Quantity


Wave Soldering Furnace Power


General Parameters

Power Supply

3 Phase 380V(220V option)

Air Supply

4-7kg/cm2 12.5L/min

Start Power


Working Power


 Temperature Control

Computer Controlled

Control Mode

Mitsubishi PLC


Max 2200kg

Body Dimensions

L3800xW1350xH1650 MM

Total Dimensions

L4600xW1350xH1650 MM


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